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WAN Miniports, VPN ports
Warning icon (Event Viewer)
WDS (Windows Deployment Services) 2nd
     Add Image Wizard
     boot images
     client OS, remote installation
     configuration 2nd
     install image files 2nd
     installation 2nd
    Properties dialog box
         Advanced tab
         Boot tab
         Client tab
         DHCP tab
         Directory Services tab
         General tab
         Network Settings tab
         PXE Response Settings tab
     Windows Deployment Services Configuration Wizard
Web edition (Windows Server 2008
Web Server (IIS) check box (Add Role Wizard)
web servers 2nd
Web Site Defaults dialog box (IIS Manager)
    IIS 7.0
         adding to
         configuration features of
         setting defaults in
     virtual directories
Windows 2000 Server
     clients, adding to domains
     Windows Server 2008, upgrading to
Windows Deployment Services, multiple Windows Server installation
Windows Deployment Services Configuration Wizard
Windows Explorer, Properties dialog box
Windows Firewall 2nd
     Properties dialog box
         connection security rules
         custom rules
         inbound rules
         outbound rules
         port rules
         predefined rules
         program rules
     Settings dialog box 2nd
Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
     Domain profile
     New Connection Security Rule Wizard
     New Rule Wizard
     Private profile
     Properties dialog box
         Customize IPSec Settings dialog box
         IPSec Settings tab
     Public profile
         connection security rules
         inbound rules
         outbound rules
Windows Security dialog box (Active Directory Users and Computer snap-in)
Windows Server 2000 functional level mode
Windows Server 2003
     functional level mode
     Windows Server 2008, upgrading to
Windows Server 2008
     Datacenter edition
     development of
     Enterprise edition
     FAT32 file systems, support for
     functional level mode
         clean installation
         domain installation
         hardware compatibility lists
         hardware requirements
         multiple installation
         planning for
         processor requirements
         server core installation 2nd
         server licensing
         upgrading versus
         virtual servers
         volume creation
         workgroup installation
     NTFS file systems, support for
     Standard Server edition
     upgrading to
         clean installation versus
         in-place upgrades
     Web edition
     Windows Vista, similarities to
Windows Server Update Service
Windows Settings (Group Policy Objects Editor)
Windows Vista
     clients, adding to domains
     Network and Sharing Center
     Windows Server, similarities to
Windows XP clients, adding to domains
WINS (Windows Internet Naming Service)
     clients 2nd
         deleting mappings
         deleting records from
         static entries
         static mappings
         tombstoning mappings
         viewing mappings of
     dynamic databases
         viewing in Event Viewer
     load balancing
     NBTSTAT command 2nd
         LMHOSTS files
         node types
         server deployment
     replication partners
     resource records, DNS
         database verification
         viewing active registrations in
         viewing status of
     static mappings
WINS snap-in
     Active Registrations Folder
     Browse for Folder dialog box
     New Replication Partner dialog box
    Properties dialog box
         Advanced tab
         Database Verification tab
         Default Backup Path dialog box
         General tab
         Intervals tab
         Log Detailed Events to Windows Event Log option
     server status, viewing
     Static Mapping dialog box
WINS tab (Advanced TCP/IP Settings dialog box)
WinSock applications, DNS resolvers
    Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard
         AD DS child domain creation
         AD DS installation
         Group Policies
     Active Server Wizard, Terminal Services
     Add Feature Wizard
         installation Backup utility
         installation Group Policy Management snap-in
         Terminal Server configuration
     Add Image Wizard, WDS
     Add Printer Wizard
         Do Not Share This Printer option
         Print a Test Page option
     Add Role Services Wizard, RRAS installation
     Add Roles Wizard 2nd 3rd
         AD CS installation
         AD DS 2nd
         Add or Edit DHCP Scopes screen
         configuration file servers
         Confirmation page
         DHCP installation 2nd
         DNS installation
         IIS 7.0 installation
         Installation Results page
         installation Network Policy and Access Services role
         Network Policy and Access Services
         Report Options page
         Select Server Roles page
         Skip This Page by Default check box 2nd
         Terminal Services
         Volume Monitoring Options dialog box
         Web Server (IIS) check box
     Add Server Role Wizard, DFS installation
     Backup Once Wizard
     Backup Schedule Wizard
     Certificate Request Wizard
     Configure VPN or Dial-Up Wizard
     Configure Your Server Wizard
     Create a Share Wizard
     Create Basic Task Wizard (Task Scheduler)
     Create New Data Collector Set Wizard 2nd
     Create Superscope Wizard
     Delegation of Control Wizard
     Extend Volume Wizard
     Install Licenses Wizard, Terminal Services
     Network Identification Wizard
     Network Printer Installation Wizard
     Network Setup Wizard
     New Connection Security Rule Wizard (Windows Firewall with Advanced Security snap-in)
     New Printer Filter Wizard
     New Raid-5 Volume Wizard
     New Rule Wizard (Windows Firewall with Advanced Security snap-in)
     New Scope Wizaard
     New Spanned Volume Wizard
    New Zone Wizard
         forward lookup zone creation
         reverse lookup zone creation
     Provision a Shared Folder Wizard
     Recovery Wizard
     Remove Features Wizard (Server Manager)
     Remove Roles Wizard (Server Manager)
     Replication Folder Wizard
     Routing and Remote Access Server Setup Wizard 2nd 3rd
     Scheduling Wizard (Backup utility)
     server role installation
     Set up a Connection or Network Wizard, VPN client configuration
     Windows Deployment Services Configuration Wizard
     Windows Server installation
Write NTFS permissions
WSHA (Windows Secuirty Health Agent)
WSHV (Windows Security Health Validator)

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