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Addison-Wesley Information Technology Series

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Addison-Wesley Information Technology Series

Capers Jones and David S. Linthicum, Consulting Editors

The information technology (IT) industry is in the public eye now more than ever before because of a number of major issues in which software technology and national policies are closely related. As the use of software expands, there is a continuing need for business and software professionals to stay current with the state of the art in software methodologies and technologies. The goal of the Addison-Wesley Information Technology Series is to cover any and all topics that affect the IT community. These books illustrate and explore how information technology can be aligned with business practices to achieve business goals and support business imperatives. Addison-Wesley has created this innovative series to empower you with the benefits of the industry experts’ experience.

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Sid Adelman, Larissa Terpeluk Moss, Data Warehouse Project Management. ISBN: 0-201-61635-1

Sid Adelman et al., Impossible Data Warehouse Situations: Solutions from the Experts. ISBN: 0-201-76033-9

Wayne Applehans, Alden Globe, and Greg Laugero, Managing Knowledge: A Practical Web-Based Approach. ISBN: 0-201-43315-X

David Leon Clark, Enterprise Security: The Manager’s Defense Guide. ISBN: 0-201-71972-X

Frank P. Coyle, XML, Web Services, and the Data Revolution. ISBN: 0-201-77641-3

Kevin Dick, XML, Second Edition: A Manager’s Guide. ISBN: 0-201-77006-7

Jill Dyché, e-Data: Turning Data into Information with Data Warehousing. ISBN: 0-201-65780-5

Jill Dyché, The CRM Handbook: A Business Guide to Customer Relationship Management. ISBN: 0-201-73062-6

Patricia L. Ferdinandi, A Requirements Pattern: Succeeding in the Internet Economy. ISBN: 0-201-73826-0

David Garmus and David Herron, Function Point Analysis: Measurement Practices for Successful Software Projects. ISBN: 0-201-69944-3

John Harney, Application Service Providers (ASPs): A Manager’s Guide. ISBN: 0-201-72659-9

International Function Point Users Group, IT Measurement: Practical Advice from the Experts. ISBN: 0-201-74158-X

Capers Jones, Software Assessments, Benchmarks, and Best Practices. ISBN: 0-201-48542-7

Ravi Kalakota and Marcia Robinson, e-Business 2.0: Roadmap for Success. ISBN: 0-201-72165-1

Ravi Kalakota and Marcia Robinson, Services Blueprint: Roadmap for Execution. ISBN: 0-321-15039-2

Greg Laugero and Alden Globe, Enterprise Content Services: Connecting Information and Profitability. ISBN: 0-201-73016-2

David S. Linthicum, B2B Application Integration: e-Business-Enable Your Enterprise. ISBN: 0-201-70936-8

David S. Linthicum, Enterprise Application Integration. ISBN: 0-201-61583-5

David S. Linthicum, Next Generation Application Integration: From Simple Information to Web Services. ISBN: 0-201-84456-7

Sergio Lozinsky, Enterprise-Wide Software Solutions: Integration Strategies and Practices. ISBN: 0-201-30971-8

Anne Thomas Manes, Web Services: A Manager’s Guide. ISBN: 0-321-18577-3

Larissa T. Moss and Shaku Atre, Business Intelligence Roadmap: The Complete Project Lifecycle for Decision-Support Applications. ISBN: 0-201-78420-3

Bud Porter-Roth, Request for Proposal: A Guide to Effective RFP Development. ISBN: 0-201-77575-1

Ronald G. Ross, Principles of the Business Rule Approach. ISBN: 0-201-78893-4

Karl E. Wiegers, Peer Reviews in Software: A Practical Guide. ISBN: 0-201-73485-0

Ralph R. Young, Effective Requirements Practices. ISBN: 0-201-70912-0

Bill Zoellick, CyberRegs: A Business Guide to Web Property, Privacy, and Patents. ISBN: 0-201-72230-5

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