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Williams Hematology > Part XI. Transfusion Medicine > Color Atlas XXIV: Parasites in the Blood >

Parasites in the Blood

Plate XXIV-1

Candidiasis. Pleural fluid film. Macrophage with ingested Candida. Adjacent mesothelial cells.

Plate XXIV-2

Microfilaria of Loa loa. Blood film.

Plate XXIV-3

Microfilaria of Wuchereria bancrofti. Blood film.

Plate XXIV-4

Spirochetes of Borrelia species. Blood film.

Plate XXIV-5

Macrophages loaded with the amastiogotes of Leishmania species. Pleural fluid film. The “T” shapes are in contrast to those of Histoplasma capsulatum (see Plate IX-8).

Plate XXIV-6

Ehrlichiosis. Blood film. The intracellular Ehrlichia are evident.

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