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Williams Hematology > Part XI. Transfusion Medicine > Color Atlas XXI: Plasma Cells and Myeloma >

Plasma Cells and Myeloma

(XXI-1 through XXI-9 are marrow films.)

Plate XXI-1

Plasma cell.

Plate XXI-2

Plasma cells.

Plate XXI-3

Plasma cells.

Plate XXI-4

Myeloma cells.

Plate XXI-5

Myeloma cells.

Plate XXI-6

Blood film of patient with plasma cell leukemia.

Plate XXI-7

Myeloma cells.

Plate XXI-8

Mott cells.

Plate XXI-9

Waldenström macroglobulinemia: Increased lymphocytes, occasional plasma cells, and a mast cell.

Plate XXI-10

Staining of patient marrow biopsies with antibody against the syndecan-1 core protein. Syndecan-1 accumulates in fibrotic marrow. A. Syndecan-1 is expressed on the surface of myeloma cells. B. When shed, Syndecan-1 accumulates within the fibrotic extracellular matrix. Most cells present are marrow stromal cells.

(From Sanderson RD, Yang Y, Suva LJ, Kelly T. Heparan sulfate proteoglycans and heparanase—partners in osteolytic tumor growth and metastasis. Matrix Biol 2004; 23:341–352, with permission.)

Plate XXI-11

Marrow biopsy in myeloma. A. Hemotoxalin and eosin stain of marrow aspirate showing polymorphic plasma cells with nuclear prominence. B. Marrow biopsy. C. Increased microvessel density (anti-CD34 staining).

Plate XXI-12

Myeloma and normal plasma cells distinguished by DNA microarray analysis. (See Chap. 100, “Disease Evolution and Genetic Alterations.”)

Plate XXI-13

Genomic chaos in myeloma: Cluster tree of chromosomal abnormalities. (See Chap. 100, “Disease Evolution and Genetic Alterations.”)

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