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Williams Hematology > Part XI. Transfusion Medicine > Color Atlas XVIII: Myelodysplasia >


(XVIII-1, XVIII-3 through XVIII-5 are blood films; XVIII-6 through XVIII-8 are marrow films.)

Plate XVIII-1

Erythrocyte abnormalities: Anisocytosis, poikilocytosis, anisochromia.

Plate XVIII-2

Buffy coat showing neutrophil abnormalities including ringed nuclei, hyperdense nuclear pattern, and decreased nuclear segmentation.

Plate XVIII-3

Hyposegmented neutrophil nuclei (acquired Pelger-Hüet abnormality). Note pince-nez shape in upper right image.

Plate XVIII-4

Giant platelets, red cell abnormalities, and neutrophil with ringed nucleus.

Plate XVIII-5

Giant, dysmorphic platelets.

Plate XVIII-6

Dyserythropoiesis with binucleate and fragmented erythroblastic nuclei, and ineffective erythropoiesis.

Plate XVIII-7

Marrow stained with Prussian blue. Pathological sideroblasts showing marked increase in number and size of siderotic granules in erythroblast cytoplasm. Most have siderotic granules in a circumferential pattern around the nucleus (ringed sideroblasts).

Plate XVIII-8

Abnormal megakaryocytes.

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