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Many colleagues and friends helped me create this book and I thank them for dedicating many hours to review draft after draft, clarifying ideas, smoothing the flow, and throwing in encouraging comments to boot.

Andrew Marks shared the reality of implementation projects based on his long experience directing CRM projects to successful conclusions. I also thank him for his input on RFPs.

Naval Gupta kept my feet and my words on firm ground for the technical side, patiently untangling concepts until I got them, and generously sharing his implementation experience as well. I looked forward to his feedback that always contained positive comments regardless of the amount of red ink.

Ralph Wilson must read every tidbit of information about CRM, for he brought to my attention many ideas and facts I was not aware of. He also has a knack for divining clear thinking and clear sentences out of my muddled drafts. (Any remaining muddle is all mine.)

Richard Farrell took the time to discuss each and every chapter in a leisurely conversation, encouraging me to discuss big ideas and not to get stuck in the nitty-gritty. He spotted many opportunities to improve the overall flow of the book.

Thank you also to A.C. Ross, John Houtsma, Lyle Ekdahl, Mitch Bishop, Paul McGhee, Richard Kline, and Susan Munne for their suggestions and help.

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